My Beehaus has arrived!

At around lunchtime today the doorbell went and I knew it was the courier bringing me my Beehaus. I was so excited however, he didn’t quite share my enthusiasm as he had to bring three big boxes into my living room when it was pouring with rain outside. When I told him excitedly that it was a beehive he just looked at me as though I was slightly unhinged.

He didn’t dampen my spirits and when my husband Jon arrived home, we went about constructing the Beehaus. It is now standing in all its glory in my living room awaiting to be escorted to its new home in my friend’s garden in Leamington Spa over the weekend. Yay!


  1. Your friend is very kind agreeing to be foster parent to your bees! Look forward to reading the next bit, when do you get bees?!

  2. Hi Tracey, I'm getting my bees on Monday. Exciting stuff!


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