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Musings on beekeeping in light of possible allergy to bee stings

Yes, I could be allergic to bees! I’ve never dealt particularly well with being stung. Who could forget the Shrek-effect following a sting to the forehead or that time I had to fly to Italy having been stung twice on my cheeks (not those cheeks). That’ll teach me to do an inspection with ominous, thundery clouds overhead. I spent the entire flight and ensuing conference trying not to scratch my arse! So this summer, when I was stung twice through my marigold gloves, I was annoyed because I knew I’d have to contend with fat, itchy fingers. Not ideal considering my job in front of a keyboard. But once home from the apiary I started to feel a tight sensation in my chest, a sort of lumpiness in my throat and my heart was having a good ol’ hammer in my chest. I called my doctors and the receptionist told me to come in straight away.  Although mild this time the doctor said that in her experience bee sting allergies only get worse and would I consider another hobby. Uh, no! I

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