Honey harvest

I am extremely proud to announce that I have honey - 22 jars of it. Woop woop! And, I'm not sharing any of it, apart from three jars which I've given away. It's absolutely bloody delicious, even if I do say so myself. Thanks bees. 

Below are some photos of how I went about harvesting it at the Warwick and Leamington Spa Beekeepers' extraction facility, which is brilliant. However, it was a sticky old business that does require a big clean up mission. But it was totally worth it.

The facility at our local branch has everything in it that you'll need to harvest your honey apart from a bucket to put the honey in. This is amazing as one of the extractors on the left would set you back £400!

To start off the process you have to slice away the honey cappings to release the honey underneath. Annoyingly, I only started to get really good at this on the last couple of frames. 

You then place the frames in the extractor and turn it on. It whizzes the frames around and the honey flies out and drips down to the bottom. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the tap with the honey pouring into the bucket. It was a lovely sight.

Then when I got home, I poured the honey from the bucket into the sterilised jars. You may ask how I came to have so many jars at my disposal. Well, that's how much honey I eat and there are still more jars in the cupboard! 

So, now I have a supply of honey that should do me for a couple of months, possibly three.


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