Giving my Beehaus a home

Yesterday morning the husband, the Beehaus and myself drove over to Sarah’s house in Leamington Spa. They big day had arrived – we were giving the Beehaus a home.

Although Sarah’s garden is big, you can’t just plonk a beehive anywhere. There are certain criteria you need to follow such as ensuring the bees are protected from the wind and full sun, they have a clear flight path when exiting the hive and that there is a water source nearby such as a pond. My friend and mentor Nikki (all amateur beekeepers are assigned a mentor – well, in the W & L branch anyway) came along to help me choose the perfect spot. I think we managed it. Lets hope the bees agree when I show them their new home tomorrow morning.

The Beehaus in its new home

The Beehaus and I

My landlady Sarah

Nikki and her son Freddie
Freddie approves of the Beehaus' new home. See how it has blended into the garden already


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