Quick inspection between showers

So, there is no denying it - we are having a pretty shitty summer. June was a wash out and July seems to be heading that way too. If I could pack my bees up and take them on a Mediterranean holiday I would.

I have been thinking about them a lot this week as the rain has been pounding down on my office window. Bees need clear skies and sunshine so they can get out the hive and do what bees are supposed to do - forage for pollen and nectar. I can't bring my little bees sunshine, so today I brought them the next best thing - a bag full of sugar syrup. This means that if they can't get out this week, they will at least have some food. Happy bees = happy beekeeper :)

Loads of bees going in and out. As they say, make hay while the sun shines however brief that may be.
A closer look.
And we're in - I'm slowly trying to move the old frames towards the edge of the hive with the aim of removing them completely. The reason is that they are shorter than the Beehaus frames, which are deep national frames. 
The bees weren't very happy with me messing about in their home, probably because they could sense the impending rain, so I put the feeder in and closed the Beehaus. I didn't spot Queen Freddie but there was loads of larvae so she must be in there somewhere.
I then sat for ages watching my bees going in and out of their hive. I like this pic because it shows some of them in mid flight.
Having a chat.
I even had a bee come over and sit on my glove for a while.


  1. Such a great blog Tanya and really informative! I´ll 'bee' keeping an eye on it! xx

  2. Thanks Leigh. I'm having fun :)


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