My last visit of the year

I couldn't jet off on holiday and not go see the bees for the last time this year and wish them a Merry Christmas.

The plan was to take them a Christmas present of fondant to munch on if they were running out of honey stores but having spoken to an experienced beekeeper at our beekeeping branch's 'Mead & Mince Pie' evening last thursday, I decided not to. He said that if I'd fed my bees properly and didn't take any of their honeycomb away, they should be fine. I'm glad I didn't because when I tried to heft the hive today, it still felt very heavy. So, they should be alright and I can keep the fondant as a Valentine's treat instead.

I thought all would be very quiet at the Beehaus but I saw at least six bees buzzing around the entrance. But then again, it is rather mild today so hopefully nothing's amiss and they are just having a nose around the outside world.

Awhile back I bought myself a 'Haynes Bee Manual' but I haven't had a proper chance to read it yet. I thought that my snowy Christmas break away in the Swiss Alps would be an ideal opportunity as my husband and I have set ourselves the challenge of having a social media free holiday. I am up for the challenge but it's going to be tricky as my iPhone and I very rarely leave one another’s side.

So, as you won't hear from me for awhile...Bee Happy this Christmas everyone and all the best wishes for the New Year! 


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