Phase 2 - the new Beehaus residents are in

New bees and new sunnier location for the Beehaus

Twenty four hours later and my new bees have been transferred from the wooden travelling box into their new home. 

This isn't going to be a long post as the husband and I are about to head down south for an over nighter in the Cotswolds. We have to be quick, it's Friday evening and that means it's wine o'clock! 

So, here are the pics I took with brief captions:

I took the lid off the box to start and smoked them a bit

I then quickly transferred them to the Beehaus. I added two extra frames on the end, which have been drawn out already by the Beehaus' previous residents

It took a bit of shaking and sweeping to get all the bees out of the box but I managed it. I added some 1:1 sugar syrup before closing up the Beehaus

There was some disorientation to start but the bees slowly started to make their way in and out of the Beehaus 


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