Bees At Work

On Friday, whilst on a visit to the outlaws in Lincoln, I popped into visit the beekeeping supplier EH Thorne Beehives

In the UK, Thorne is something of a beekeeping establishment having set up in 1915. It is now a fourth generation family firm and supplies all sorts of beekeeping equipment not only to UK beekeepers but those further afield too.

I was sussing out its wooden hives as I think I may invest in one for next season to have alongside the Beehaus. A functional national or the prettier WBC hive? Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, back in the Beehaus, my girls are making honey. Yay! I've heard the honey flow may be drawing to a close so I'm hoping they will have a final spurt of energy so that I can harvest a few jars. 


  1. The WBC is prettier but I hear it's more work to inspect because of all the extra parts that need lifting off. It's better insulated in winter but the bees possibly miss out on warming sunshine in summer?


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