Buckfast queen = chilled out colony

I'd heard that a Buckfast queen makes for a calm colony. Well, I can now vouch for that as my colony with the Buckfast queen is super chilled. I can't believe it actually. Can you spot her in the photo above? 

She isn't hard to miss but for the life of me, I couldn't spot the unmarked queens in my other two colonies. They are obviously there as I saw eggs and larvae in both. However, I didn't want to spend long in the colonies looking for her royal highnesses as there were wasps about. One landed on one of the frames as I was looking at it. I was quick though and squished it in my fingers. Nothing gets between me and my bees :)

Below are some pics I took whilst inspecting:

Bees with their heads in honey.

The same bees but at a different angle.

The small 'tree bee' colony has made some honey too. I might steal some from them before I give them their autumn feed.

I put a super frame in the brood box and look at what the naughty bees did to the bottom of it. Looks pretty cool though. That's pollen they've stored in there.

I've reduced the entrance so the bees can more easily defend against wasps.


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