The days are getting warmer and the bees are venturing out

Yes, I know it has been ages, almost five months, but to be honest not much beekeeping goes on  in the winter months. Although I have put the odd block of fondant (hardened sugar) on the top of the frames for the bees to munch on if their winter stores are running low.

The good news is that, now that Spring is in the air, the bees are venturing out on sunnier days. Below are some images from a walk to the bottom of my garden yesterday.

The right side of the Beehaus had loads of activity at the entrance.

From another angle. Look at them flying in!

The left hand side was not quite as busy but this side doesn't have the morning sun shining on it. It got pretty busy towards the middle of the day though.

You can see a bit of pollen on the top bee's legs. That's a good sign. Means that the queen is laying as pollen is protein for baby bees.

The entrance of the wooden beehive ('tree bees') was very active too. There were some dead bees outside the entrance but that is normal. The winter can be a long time for bees especially considering that in the summer months bees only live for six weeks.

A walk in Priory Park, Warwick, and signs of Spring are everywhere. Yay!


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