Longest day of the year and the bees are happy

As I walked up the garden to inspect the hive I spotted some bees happily foraging
It's quite apt that on the longest day of the year, the sun is out and the skies are blue. Perfect bee inspecting weather. 

There is not really much to report on the beekeeping front - when I lifted the lid on the Beehaus and looked below, there came a gentle buzz. My bees were all happily working. All the weirdness I'd noticed in recent weeks seems to have disappeared. The uncapped larvae were curled up as they were supposed to be and although I didn't spot any eggs, I'm sure there were some there as her royal highness Queen Freddie graced me with her presence. She is so much easier to spot now with the yellow spot on her back. 

Below are some photos I took. No photos of the frames themselves as my beekeeping helper (in other words, the husband) was otherwise engaged. The cheek! But I enjoyed spending some alone time with my bees. I know it sounds sappy, but they make me very happy and I enjoy our visits :) (Also, I didn't bring any home with me tonight unlike last time when I unknowingly carried one home in my hair!)

Hello bees
My nucleus came on five frames, which are the darker ones. I'm trying to move these to the edges of the hive so that the bees will draw the wax out of the new frames. The frame on the very right is FULL of honey and it's very heavy to lift out.
When I closed my hive I spent ages watching the bees coming in and out of the entrance


  1. I bet its amazing, seeing what they have been up to each time you visit!! Enjoying reading your blog, very fascinating :-)

  2. Thanks Tracey! I'm learning a lot too and really enjoying it. My aim is to convert all my friends into bee geeks so watch out :)

  3. Thanks Mike although it's a bit frustrating at the moment because I can only see my bees in the evenings and on weekends but with all the rubbish weather we've been having, I haven't been able to this week. Hopefully there will be a spot of sunshine this weekend so I can go over.


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