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So, I did it. I stood up in front of a bunch of beekeepers last night at my local honey show and spoke about my beekeeping experience so far. I thought I was going to flounder, stutter  and shake my way through the 20 minutes. But I think I pulled it off and afterwards I was told it was very good. Yay! And to be honest, I rather enjoyed it. I'm not sure I'd rush and volunteer to talk at another event but I wouldn't be opposed to it. Especially as last night our chairman gave me a bottle of wine for doing it. Anything for wine ;)

I've been baking again this afternoon and the reason for posting this on my beekeeping blog is because they are called honeycomb cupcakes. In other words, they contain chopped up Crunchie inside with a bit of  honeycomb sprinkled on top. But as we all know, this nothing to do with what bees produce. Well, you would think that but at my last job there was a young lady who joined as a summer placement and confessed that she actually thought that the honeycomb inside a Crunchie bar was in fact made by bees. She wasn't even blonde!


  1. Well done! Very pretty cupcakes too.

  2. hi there, just wanted to let you know I'll be mentioning your blog on my Growing Help page in the February edition of Grow Your Own magazine, so do look out for it!


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