Tucking the bees in for the winter

With the days getting shorter and the weather cooler, the bees will soon stop flying out. I've treated for varroa and given them a huge amount of syrup, so hopefully they should be fine. When I opened the hive up yesterday, they were as feisty as ever and seemed strong so hopefully they'll survive the winter. My only concern is the queen, I didn't spot her yesterday but she needs to live through to the spring when I can replace her with a young queen. Fingers crossed - I don't want a start to next season like I did this one!

The one thing I was really pleased about is that the Vitafeed green I put in the feeder with ambrosia, seems to be working as there were only a few chalkbrood remains on the inspection board. Phew.

The entrance is still pretty busy.

Today I'm also practicing for a 20 minute bee talk I'm giving this evening at my local Warwick and Leamington Spa Beekeeping Branch's Annual Honey Show.  I don't do public speaking so I'm pretty nervous about it. I just need to talk loudly and not mumble... easier said than done. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! You know bees so you'll do great :)


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