Three queens but didn't spot one!

I went into the hives today to check on things after the swarming on Tuesday. Yup, they did come from the side of the Beehaus with the queen cell. In the pic below you can see the cell where she must have emerged from. Next to it is another one. But I couldn't spot a queen in that hive. The bees seemed calm so I don't think they can be queen less.

Anyway, here are some pics from this visit:

You can see the two opened queen cells

On the other side of the Beehaus, the old queen is still laying although did spot a few queen cups on the frame (no eggs in them though) so perhaps the bees are thinking of replacing her

Added a couple extra frames and a super (wishful thinking)

Then decided to check on the hive in the tree. The bees in there have been very busy building comb underneath the super frames I put in.

Evidence that there is a queen! But couldn't find her. I need to get a hive to put this colony in or give them away. Hoping a friend has a spare brood box she can lend me for the season.

If they carry on the way they are, they'll grow out of this space soon.

I caused many issues for the bees removing their house from the tree because all the foragers came back to find it had disappeared. When I replaced it, the bees were fanning their wings outside to tell other foragers that the hive was back, Clever bees.

I'm off to the Lake District this weekend with my running club so I made some honey bee cake. Do you think they'll notice the earthquake? :/


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